When Devil Mind Wins Over

Even this comedy heart can break apart When my entry in your memo is discard Handling of haunted mind is so hard When from the deck, you pick up a blank card   Our first meeting at that small coffee shop You in the sporty wear with the Yankees cap on top I remember, you... Continue Reading →


When beauty blankets all of you

Dec 06, 2017 Chilly and dry morning in Kathmandu. This is how the days are. After the morning meal, my mom asked me to deposit certain money in her Siddhartha Bank account. “What if bomb exploded?” I questioned with laugh. I was just playing with her. She then replied,” Nobody will dare near headquarter of... Continue Reading →

म त सयौँ बर्षमा प्रवेश भएछु

गोरालाई देखाउनका लागि मेरो जन्म गराए राणामा सिमित शिक्षा जनतामा सराए पढ्न खुल्ला गर्दीए मेरा कोठा भित्र ती सोजा जनता हुन गए मेरा प्यारा मित्र   सेतो त्यो मेरो चमक अगाडि घण्टको गीत मेरा कौसीमा बसेर लगाए कतिले सातौजन्म को मीत बुझे संसार के रहेछ खोली किताबका पाना बुझे पछी ज्ञान बेचेर पाइदो रहेछ सजिलो... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Scooty

Was walking down the street to have some cool air Saw a black dressed girl, beautiful and fair She was on a scooter tryin’ to make it start The scooter was sounding like a fat man’s fart   It was very confusing whether I should go or not I’m a boy in 20's, and she... Continue Reading →

Six kilometers in a Metro Bus

Kathmandu, Nepal. {Saturday} The temperature is rising rapidly but still the environment is lukewarm. The wedding season is at the final stretch of the year. Surely this temperature will help the couples to deal with each other. The marriage ceremony from a brides' side is literally boring. Wait the groom for hours. Then with the... Continue Reading →

A short love song

Saw you there pretty walking in the college In the very first sight i began falling The fair white face with the twinkling eyes You were the most beautiful i ain't gonna lie Thought!!!! How am I gonna start to talk?? And then just!!! An awesome idea popped up Sent a friend request on that... Continue Reading →

15 Minutes Inside a Spooky Mirror Maze

“Hey brothers!!! If you guys want to have fun then go to spooky mirror maze. It’s really amazing”, a small Sikkimese boy spoke. I and my other two friends, Sagar and Pangeni were just wandering in the street of Gangtok, Sikkim. The small boy showed the house where that spooky mirror maze was. At first... Continue Reading →

Abandoned cows of the street 

Capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Bumpy and dusty roads as it’s of remote hilly terrains. Buses and cars that are more than two decades older steering around. Motorcycles swarming everywhere. Wrecked traffic overall. Along with these things, our roads do have a different kind of companion, the abandoned cows and bulls. As you walk or... Continue Reading →

एक क्षण

बिहान को प्रहर। आकाश बादलीएको छ आज। दुई चार थोपा आकाश बाट झरेको पानीले सडकमा धुलोको कण बिलिन बनाईदीएका छन। चरा चुरुङी मौन छन आज। लाग्छ की कुनै ठुलो प्रलय को पर्खाइमा कुनै कुनामा लुकी बसे छन। घररररररररररररररर!!! एउटा स्कूटी त्यो बिहानीको शान्त बातावरण अन्त्य गरी टक्क अडिन्छ।  एक छ फीट अग्लो मान्छे चाबीको कान... Continue Reading →

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