Six kilometers in a Metro Bus

Kathmandu, Nepal. {Saturday}

The temperature is rising rapidly but still the environment is lukewarm. The wedding season is at the final stretch of the year. Surely this temperature will help the couples to deal with each other.

The marriage ceremony from a brides’ side is literally boring. Wait the groom for hours. Then with the loud thunderous folk song, groom enters. The puja starts and brides’ family members start to eat water dripping down from brides’ leg. Some few hours of ritual and off the groom goes with bride. All weeping and all at the end from brides’ families.

Just as this, I was at a wedding ceremony the other day. None of my age group was there. Obviously it got boring. Girls wearing shining saarees and lehengaas. I prefer the full clothes which shows the perfect posture. Why would they care?? Haha……….. After few hours it got so boring that I decided to leave for the home.

At Kalanki, I got inside a famous Metro Bus. That was my second time in that bus. All the seats were taken except for a one meant to be for females. I will prefer standing up to Mahendranagar(farthest city of Nepal from Kathmandu) but will never put my round buttocks on that seat. The way people looks at you when seated on that seat, awkwardness wins the race.  The helper of the bus seemed like an engineer student with his long beard and curly long hair. After a kilometer, a guy from the last seat got off and I got a chance to sit. It has five seats in a row at the far end of bus. Something strange was captured by my eyes.

I found myself between the couples. On my left were little ones of 16 – 18 maybe. On my right were of 20-25 aged. First my head moved to the left. The hands of the couple were so curled up around each other’s arms that it might need a mechanic to untie. Boy taking his face towards girls’ teasing her with noses. The boy was a punky looking with pink hair and rough pants. The dirtiest converse shoes I have ever seen. But the girl, where do I begin from. Long golden shining hair, fair white face with slight makeup, black shirt and black pant with pink adidas sport shoes. Seemed like a donkey was dating a beautiful white mare. Why???? Can’t you see there are guys like us also walking down the same street, travelling same bus, eating same food. I was no jealous. Noooo!!!!! Or was I???

The next couple on my right. They were seemed quite decent. Girls’ head taking rest on boys’ shoulder. Only fingers were interlocked and they sound mature as well. The couples must be of mongolian origin (Gurung or Magar I suppose). Boy wearing clean blue shirt, black jeans and a sport shoes. His hair was bit spikey but its born gift. Girl was beautiful enough wearing blue kuurtha. Nothing extra doings were there. Just some beautiful talks the couple do. I didn’t cited them here. I don’t want you single guys to learn.

At the final turn, I thought. Was the behavior from different couples were due to the age factor? Or it’s the way it is. My stop came. Gave the money to the helper and got off the bus. Still I could see the punky couples twingling mingling inside the bus……………………

A short love song

Saw you there pretty walking in the college

In the very first sight i began falling

The fair white face with the twinkling eyes

You were the most beautiful i ain’t gonna lie

Thought!!!! How am I gonna start to talk??

And then just!!! An awesome idea popped up

Sent a friend request on that blue Facebook

Posted some cool photos so that she could have a closer look

In few hours I became online friend

Still was a problem of first words trade

With a frightened heart texted her Hi!!

Thanks to the almighty there didn’t popped up bye

Asked her about the village she grew

She was very frank why couldn’t I  knew

Texts and texts and texts all night long

Our talks were like an Olympic ping pong

There came a moment when photos begun to share

On those beautiful pictures, all I did was stare

We yet didn’t trade words in the college

Never asked for a coffee or bought movie tickets

With every words we began to build a strong bond

Slowly from her side also love words started to get dawned

Then there came a girl like a Tsunami; wiping my future

Told my love I have a other girl in my zone of suture

Without asking any questions she stopped writing

To tell her the truth I just didn’t stop citing

The villain!!! What problem she might have had with me

All these thoughts kept on haunting

The haunted questions could have lead me into being a psychopath

With my strong ego, I had all these things wrapped up with wrath

Even my great ego can’t stop me to say

How beautiful you look in every dress you wear

Wrote all this having a poop……..may or may not be based on true story 🤘🤘🤘

15 Minutes Inside a Spooky Mirror Maze

“Hey brothers!!! If you guys want to have fun then go to spooky mirror maze. It’s really amazing”, a small Sikkimese boy spoke. I and my other two friends, Sagar and Pangeni were just wandering in the street of Gangtok, Sikkim. The small boy showed the house where that spooky mirror maze was. At first it didn’t grab our attention. We were in search for other wild things to do in Sikkim. After a long search we found nothing of our interest. “Let’s go to spooky one”, I don’t know who spoke that sentence but that was really a bad fucking decision.

The spooky was on the first floor. There were four people in the line to enter the room. The spooky sounds were continuously playing inside the room like in horror movies. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!HOHOHAHAHA!!!!!HoooWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN” Those horrifying sounds were already making me fucking nervous. I knew that everything was fake but my heart beat on its own fucking Ferrari pace. I asked the employees whether there are ghosts and costumed statues inside or not. They replied no and made me believe there is only mirrors and has to search our paths through them. There was a young white faced girl who told me that there is nothing to be afraid of. Since it was a girl of Sikkim speaking and my prestige attached to it, we bought three tickets and entered the room with plastic gloves on. (Never trust a girl with pretty face.)

The room was filled with green LED lights with tall mirrors on every side. That spooky sounds were playing all the time. At that time I thought what’s there to be spooky. We walked through the mirror maze and got stuck. There was only path through which we came. Then I pushed a mirror. All of sudden the mirror moved and we found a new way. I was like, “Yeahhhhhhh!!!! Look guys!!! Who found the fucking way dudes?” We walked more and reached the end of the mirror maze.

There was a long and narrow path of about 30/40 meters which was totally dark. The width of the path was about half a feet. I said rapidly, “Let’s get the hell out of here. These sounds and the dark is fucking killing me. Let’s go back. It’s not the way. They told us it’s only fucking mirror.” At first we tried to search other path but couldn’t find any. At the end of that corridor there was a camera facing us with dimmed red LED light.

“I’ll go first. Then you two follow me”, our brave hearted Sagar spoke out.

I was against this but who can win over these dudes. Sagar walked in front, Pangeni with his two hands on Sagar’s shoulder and I did same on Pangeni’s. Slowly we walked through the path. We couldn’t see each other’s face but we just followed that red LED light. The spooky sound got more intense. If anything had touched me from behind, I was fucking dead at that time. Thank God it didn’t happen so. At the end of the path there was a left turn. Sagar slowly bend his head to the left. “RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!FUUCCKKK!!”

I was like, “ FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! Ssssshhhhiiiiittttttt!!!!” Then ran like a cheetah back to the original point of the path where we could see each other’s face. I could have win over Usain Bolt at that moment. Wooohoooo!!!! That still gives me goosebumps.

“Hey what the hell happened bro?” I asked Sagar. “There is a statue of someone in there. Fuck man!!” Sagar replied with sound of fear.

“Those fucking liars. They might be laughing at us through these cameras. Fuck you guys.” we all said so.

I was at most critical point of my life. I don’t know why but these things really makes me sick. “Let’s go brothers. I have had enough.”

“No way are we going back.” Brave hearted spoke again. “Bruuuuuwaaahhhh!!!! Fuck you bro. If anything happen to me, you will be no longer you”, I told him.  Pangeni also wanted to go through that corridor again. We all went in similar fashion as before. I was closing my eyes while walking. Who knows, they might throw a statute in front of us from above. The left turning. I just had a glimpse of the statute. There was tall statue of a painted spooky looking guy with red lipstick. Even the faked statue made my heart go mad. Then came a long similar corridor again.

Sagar started to run yelling Fuck and all. Who was I trying to be brave? I also ran like the end of everything was just behind me. Something were moving in the corridor. Since it was very dark I couldn’t figure out anything. We all ran through it yelling out loud.  Thank God nothing grabbed our leg. Then again was a left turn. Pangeni ran first through it. Suddenly a ghost came from the window trying to grab him but missed. I was behind him. When ghost reached its initial position I ran and jumped. With few metres walk we reached mirror maze again and got to the end.

There was long sighs from us before we get out of the exit door. “Cheers!!!  We fucking did it.” We all laughed like there was nothing to be afraid of.


All the moments couldn’t be described in words but that really was a freaking moment for me and them as well. The Fuck words are put to match with the situation and were spoken throughout the maze. None of us speak in other time but in that spooky situation, there was an auto mode on  and we all spoke as the situation demanded.




Abandoned cows of the street 

Capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. Bumpy and dusty roads as it’s of remote hilly terrains. Buses and cars that are more than two decades older steering around. Motorcycles swarming everywhere. Wrecked traffic overall. Along with these things, our roads do have a different kind of companion, the abandoned cows and bulls. As you walk or drive along, you are very likely to catch a sight of abandoned cows walking freely in the main roads. Mostly, it just lie on the middle of the road and regurgitates.


young bulls in main road of Kathmandu

Beep!!!Beep!!!Beep!!! A loud horn from the vehicle. But the cow will show no sign of movement except for moving its lower jaws sideways as its saying” No!!No!! I won’t move from here.” In the past decade, they have developed themselves as the Don of the street.

Cow is a national animal and have constitutional rights. Anyone guilty of slaughtering or sacrificing cow will face penalty and prison.


they don’t have hump

Why do we see the cows in the streets or why are they abandoned?

Normally, there are two types of cows (or bulls) in Nepal. One has the hump and the other is without it. One with the hump is useful for ploughing field in villages. Only bulls are used for these purpose. But those without humps are of no use as there will be no place for balancing the wood (as shown in figure below). Also the cows with humps are referred as local and they give very less milk.


Whenever a cow with no hump gives birth to a calf (male), it’s of no use actually. Neither you can sell it to a market, nor can any productive working be done. The only choice left for the farmer is to abandon them. In the city areas, where farmer have small cow shed and have less place to graze, they are very likely to be abandoned.


Can this be done to solve the problem??

New era has come where we don’t need a bull to make cow pregnant. An injection shot and cow gets pregnant.

Every year our grassland area and forest area is increasing. All the credit goes for the Community Forest Development Program. So with some new laws and regulations, can they be relocated in those forests??

The complications I see:

  • The unconcerned topic for government sector. In this time of political crisis, it will be very hard to convince that there is need of proper action in this field. Since 82% of Nepalese are Hindus, lots of politics will be there.
  • The cows of this time are artificially bred and developed by gene manipulation. They lack the pure genes which they should have carried. The cross between various bred may result into some awkward unbalance in the ecosystem.
  • The food we give to cows are not only green grasses. There are some other things we give for more production of milk. In some cases we inject more milk producing hormones. Thus their bodies’ do not contain the natural factors. If the carnivores eat them, the carnivores are going to suffer from infertility to short life span.
  • The cows are domestic. So even if we leave them in the forest or open grassland, they will migrate and come near the villages.
  • Vulture depletion. The main reason of vulture depletion are these artificially prepared cows. The excess hormones and the anti-flammatory drug called DICLOFENAC used in cows are the main reason.
  • Lack of vast grasslands. Since the grasslands are pre-occupied by deer family, there will be competition for the food. Decrease in number of deer will not be tolerated by Government because it’s not the cow tourist want to see in the wild.


To overcome the complications and benefits:

  • Strong voice in the parliament or cabinet. We cannot have cow walking in the street.
  • Separate grassland or forest area for them with walls to keep them inside. Once they are dead, then they can be thrown to the vulture areas. This should be done after medical checking of the cow i.e. whether they can be eaten or not.
  • Government should buy those cows from the farmers. The price should be very low. Since the cows will be of no use after certain years and farmer would have already taken profit from it, I don’t think he should get good price for that one. If they refuse to sell, let it be. The cow shed will be full and ultimately cow will end in street and its government property then afterwards.
  • New tourist destination. The forest with the wild cows and bulls. OR build a Krishna Temple in middle of the grassland. We might even attract Indians.
  • Leather materials. The abandoned cows will be the Government property. Since the meat will be given to vultures or for the zoos and conservation areas, excess leather can be used in making different products and then to the market. These should be done only after the natural death.


Some might go into emotional statements like there should be proper burial. Animals should have rights like human. Since they are given right to live till their full life span, I don’t really oppose on doing the things the dead cow don’t know. Although we worship cow and there is lot of spiritual and emotional attachment, we must be practical. The death of one will help the increase in number of other. I don’t think there is any wrong in it.



food from the garbage bin



The cow worshiping day is in few days. Every cow will be fed and worshipped that day. Those garbage eating cows will have some good food for a day. We, then think there will be a straight path to the heaven. There might be even selfies with the cow making them glamorous celebrity for a day. Is this the justice to our national and holy animal? The farmer has his own complications. Neither he can kill them for meat nor can he keep it in the cow shed. When you have four cows in a farm and one stops to give milk, your whole economy will be down. To fulfil it, you must need a new milk giving cow. Despite of the emotional attachment, you (farmer) will be forced to move the cow.


worshiping a cow


These are all sole thoughts. No offense is shown towards the religion.


एक क्षण

बिहान को प्रहर। आकाश बादलीएको छ आज। दुई चार थोपा आकाश बाट झरेको पानीले सडकमा धुलोको कण बिलिन बनाईदीएका छन। चरा चुरुङी मौन छन आज। लाग्छ की कुनै ठुलो प्रलय को पर्खाइमा कुनै कुनामा लुकी बसे छन।

घररररररररररररररर!!! एउटा स्कूटी त्यो बिहानीको शान्त बातावरण अन्त्य गरी टक्क अडिन्छ।  एक छ फीट अग्लो मान्छे चाबीको कान बटार्दै त्यो शान्त क्षण पुन जिबित गराउछ। अगाडि चुच्चो परेको हरियो रङको हेल्मेट खोल्छ र फरक्क हामी हामी पटी फर्किन्छ। मानि लिउ कि त्यो एक फिल्म चलिराछ र एक हिरो आफ्नो एन्ट्री हानिरछ।

सानो हल्का ठाडा परेका कपाल, थोरै अगाडि तालु खुइलिएको छ। आँखामा rayban को चस्मा बिना घाम पनि टलक्क टल्केको छ। ड्याम्म परेको खाइलाग्दो शरीर। साना खैरा आँखा माथि पातला आँखीभौं। गाला चिल्लो अनी नीधार ठुलो छ। शरीरको कम्मर माथि उसले निलो रङको टाइट टीसर्ट लाएको छ। जसले गर्दा उसको छाती सगरमाथाझै अरु क्षेत्र बाट माथि उुठी सान देखाइरको छ। कम्मर मुनी तातेपाटे 361 को ट्रेक्कीङ ट्राउजर र सोही कम्पनीको जुत्ता लगाएको छ।

स्कूटरमा त्यो चुच्चे हेल्मेट छोडि उसको पाउ हामी तिर अघी बढ्छ।

आज दशैंको छैटौ दिन। पसलमा कपाल काट्नेको गणना पाँच पुगिसकेको छ। सबै जना आफ्नो आफ्नो मनोरन्जनको साधन लिएर उुपस्थित छन। कोही आफ्नो छोरा सँग खेल्दै त कोही भने मोबाईलमा घाँटी निउराइराखेका छन। एक कारीब ६५ बर्षे पाका ब्यक्ती भने साप्ताहिक पत्रिकामा रमाइराखेका छन। मेरो नजरले चै हिरो लाई छोड्न असमर्थता जनायो।

“नमस्कार दाजु!!!” कपाल काट्ने हजाम दाई उसलाई हात जोढेर प्रणाम गर्छ। हजाम दाईको अनुहारमा थोरै मुस्कान त धेरै डर जस्तो देखिन्थ्यो। एक हात ठाडो पार्दै “म्म्म्मम्म्म्मम्म्म्म्म्म्म” भनी नमस्तेको जवाफ फर्काउछ।

त्यो ठुलो ऐना अगाडि उ आफ्नो मुहारको दर्शन गर्न टक्क उभिन्छ। आफ्नो चिल्लो गाला खुबै मायाले सुम्सुम्याउछ। कहिले दाहिने गाला त कहिले देब्रे। त्यो ठुलै फिल्मको suspense झै लागिरहेको छ। त्यस्तो चिल्लो गालामा उ के खोजिरहेछ? त्येस रहस्यको पता लाग्ने त अबस्य थिएन।

“ओई भाई!!! त्यो फुच्चे केटो खोइ?” सबै जना झस्याङ हुन्छन। त्यो शान्त क्षण त्यस चर्को आवाजको प्रहारले भताभुङ्ग पारिदियो। सबैको आकर्षणको केन्द्र बन्न पुग्छ उ। ” भाई भित्र टोइलेट गएको छ हजुर। बस्दै गर्नुहोस्।” हजाम दाई को जवाफ आउछ।

एक कोठे सटरलाई दुई कोठे बिचमा ply लगाएर बारीएको छ र छेउमा एउटा ढोका। घ्याररररर्र्‍र्‍र्‍र!!!! ply भित्रको ढोका खुलेको आवाज आएको छ। “ओई भाई टोइलेट गएर आईस्?” हिरोले ply भित्र भर्खर आएको अद्रिश्य मान्छेलाई सोध्छ। जवाफ उसले पाउदैन। अली रिसाएको झै गर्छ। कपाल काटिराखेको हजाम दाईलाई लक्षित गरी एक प्रश्न सोध्छ,” किन बोल्दैन ओई त्यो? छेर्पट त लाग्या होइन होला नी? थोरै खुर्किन पर्‍या छ। बोला त।”

“हजुर आउछ। बस्दै गर्नुहोस्।”

दुई मिनट उ आफ्नो कान ऐना मा वोल्टाइ पोल्टाइ हेर्छ। एक्कासी झर्किन पुग्छ,” तैले नटेरेको? आईज न यार। ढिला भो अफिस जान। खुर्किदे।” अजै जवाफ पाउदैन उसले। कपाल काटिराखेका दाई मुस्कुराइराखेका छन।

“अरे ओ भाई!!! आईदो केश काटन के वास्ते।” हजाम दाई बोल्छन। अजै जवाफ छैन। अरु लाइनमा बसेका मान्छेहरु आफ्नो कार्यमा ब्येस्त भाको जनाउदै एस् क्षणलाई भर्पुर मनोरन्जनको साधनको रुपमा प्रयोग गरिराखेका छन।

” ओई ठाकुर!!! म आँफै घोक्र्याम् त्यस्लाई? अघिनै ढोका खोलेर नि आउँदैन त। हेप्यो येस्ले।” कालो बिहानीमा रातो मुख बनाइ जङगीदै ply को ढोका नेर पुग्छ। मोटा नसा फुल्लिएको हातले handle समाउंछ र आफुतिर निकै बल गरेर झट्कार्छ। ” काँ छस् तँ?” त्येत्तीकैमा एउटा सेतो खैरो भुत्ला भएको कुकुर ढोका बाहिर निस्कन्छ पुछर् हल्लाउदै।

ठुलो हाँसोको फोहोरा त्या छुट्छ। आँखाले भने त्येस् ब्यक्ति प्रती हेरेको छैन। हाँसो मन भित्र दबाउन कठिन भएको छ। क्या दनक दियो कुकुरले हिरोलाई भन्दो हो कपाल काट्ने दाई।

त्येस् पसलको त्यो फुच्चे भने त्येस् क्षणमा प्रकट भएन। हिरो चै नखुर्की एक शब्द उच्चारण नगरी स्कूटरको चाबीको कान बटारी त्येस् ठाउँ बाट बिलिन हुन्छ।


Short Story of a Play Ground


12 years ago my parents moved to a new place. The place is near to the high hills with dense forest. The road was not paved and it was water everywhere. The house in which we took two room for rent was huge with marble floors. Never really got a chance to be in that kind of big house before. We had a small piece of land of our own there. I always wondered why we came this far leaving behind all those friends and my playground. After six months of stay at that huge house we then moved to our own house with a single flat only. I was very new to the place. The place had no telephone line, no channels to watch except Kantipur and Nepal television. Slowly Friends were made and a new era of my life begun.

We used to have friendly match with the students of Rehdon School. Once we couldn’t play on the ground we used to. There was heavy rainfall and it was all muddy. Then the search for new ground begun. It was that time when this place used to have 8 or 9 houses in some square miles. Then we found a playable ground near our house. It was surrounded by huge walls in all side but a little inlet at eastern side. It was truly amazing that we never saw that place before. The ground was surrounded by tall grasses but none at the middle pitch. Then we started our game there. I can still remember the particular day very well. 100 metres from the house and recently found.  Was kinda’ like fairy tale.

There was a furniture shop at northeastern side but lots of open area for the games. And also that was the time when I used to be 4feet tall. The grounds was popularly called as “Bisteys’ baari”. Bista is the last name of the owner.

Holiday!!!!!! Clock hits 7am. Eyes open itself and some sips of tea. Run to the ground. If the friends were already there, straight the teams were built and match was on. If no friends were gathered then walk to the every friends’ house and the loud thunderous beating on the gate yelling out their names. Since there was load shading every time, never really pushed the bell. Most of the time friend yelled out from inside of their houses that they will be out soon but sometimes it was their mom. Athletics were then shown by us.

Except for the breakfast and lunch, we never showed our face in the house. Why would we? Neither there was electricity nor any fun activities to do. Study?? Who really cared at that time? All we ever cared was how to collect money for cricket balls. None of us had the fair face as it was all sun and dirt.

There was a house of retired Army Colonel just behind the ground. Only a road and the wall was separating us from the house. Both the wife and husband were very grumpy. Everytime the ball jumped inside their yard, it was our balls’ funeral. Only problem we had at that was this Colonel and his dog. We also had two brothers who used to climb walls like a pro thieves. If the dog was chained, there was no problemo. The brothers also used to pick fruits from the garden and give it to us. Later on the Colonel discovered and it was paradise for dog.

In the evening time when the cool breeze hit our dry face, we used to stop play and have some talks about sports and current affairs. There were some elder brothers who used to share their adult life. Naughty talks about girls and sex. Since the age was just 14/15, these kind of talk were of great attraction. The way they used to tell these things were awesome.

As my age progressed, lots of houses were built and lots of new people flooded. After completetion of high school all of us got scattered. The elder brothers were already to foreign countries, some got married. As I am writing this, some elders are bathing their 2/3 years old child. My compadres also went to different colleges. Some went to engineering college, some medical, agriculture, IT and some to foreign countries. New responsibilities were now on the shoulders. So those daily routines were hanged.

But the heart never really agreed. Since I was not the lonely kind, couldn’t really pass my time just being at home. There is internet and 100s of channels to watch. But the mind was in continuous motion on what to do what not to. Of all those friends only one is still here named Sabin (most of others are in hostels). Then we both used to go to the ground and play with new bunch of kids. Within few months the furniture house got destroyed. Bull dozer was on the ground. All ground was levelled. Otherwise there were different sizes of playground for different purposes (mainly two were there; for cricket and for football). There were no tears but the feeling was…………..dont know…….word yet to be discovered. The very ground that helped us grow, gave us friends, where we wrestle, where we did athletics, where we defeated those Rehdon guys and enjoy like we won the world cup. Everything was rolled and buried that day. Whole ground got plotted.

Now I’m 21. Still I and Sabin are always there at the evening. We, mostly be at side of the ground have talks like we used to have before. No houses are yet built there but no big area for the games. Only a volleyball is played. 30 people gather there but I know none of them. All the new peoples are flooding day by day. An era of ours has gone with all beautiful memories.

But the next generation kids also show their face sometimes and play in small area. But there is no harmony like we used to have. For them videogame and outdoor games are same. It’s not like they don’t have talkings. They do. But on the topics like Mini Militia and Clash Of Clans. In my time I used to be aside of elder guys to listen to their funny moments. But nowadays all they ask is which clan I am in, which level on this game. The time is changing.

Listening to my fathers and grandfathers experience I didn’t have as fun as them. Same will be told by me to my Youngers. Only thing I want is that people don’t lock themselves inside their homes. Internets will show others memories and entertainment will be there. But I can assure that memory of your own is much entertaining and awesome. We also need something to tell our grandchildren.

 “I spent my time on internet boy.” This can’t be the answer these children want to answer to their grandchildren on future.


present status of playground with a volleball court……….


Nepal Telecom and a Birthday Wish

“You might be the biggest forgetful one amongst us.” The sentence I’m used to. Even a poem has been cited by my besty on my forgetfulness. Seeing my dad forgetting things proved that it is in my genes and I can do nothing about it.

28th august was my friends’ birthday. I might be the only guy who wishes other in bright day light especially after Facebook sends me a birthday notification. This time things were going to be different. I was about to wish at 12 and be the first guy to wish her.

27th august, 2016. 9 pm.

Dinner was done. The cricket match between India and West Indies was full with thrills. It was good to see West Indies beating Indian bowlers recklessly. Then I got interrupted by my parents as they had to see the news. Paulo Coelho’s The Zahir was on the table but my mind was all on the match. Then I opened the cricinfo site and watch the commentary of the live match. The chase for the Indians started. The mammoth target of 246 was likely to be impossible for Indians to chase. Then the leftover episode of prison break season 2 was played on my phone.

10 : 30 pm

Season again ended up with the main guy ending up in prison but this time it was abroad and in a hells cage. Now the real test of my patience started. I had to wake up till 12. There is a small cute girl with whom I talk often and joke all the time. That very day also she was there and I just passed my time teasing her.

Since I had to be the first one, my mind worked a bit and came out with an idea. Everyone will be calling her at 12. Why not I call her at 11:58. Talk for two minutes and say Happy birthday then. With this plan I passed my time chatting and watching videos on You Tube.

11:56 pm

“ I gotta go now. The clock is nearly hitting my deadline.” I sent this to the small cute girl. The digital clock said 11:58. Dallied the birthday girl number.

Disconnected!!!!! Then I dialed again. Disconnected!!!!   “What The F***”

The digital clock said 11: 59. I was running out of time. Bit of adrenaline started to rush through my body. With Usain bolt pace I turned off the phone and restarted it. Dialed the number.

Disconnected!!!!! “ I’m done today.” I then tried her another number of different sim carrier.


The first time I woke up till 12 to wish and I got this. Tried to send the message but failed.

To be sure then I tried other friends cell but it got disconnected every time. Then I search my college friends on messenger to see if they were active. None of the donkeys were there at the requisite time.

The clock passed 12 and still I couldn’t say happy birthday. Then I sent a text to the small cute girl to try from her cell. She was also carrying Nepal telecom sim card. She also stated the same problem. The more wretched I felt then.

We are not just called human. God has given us the quick mind to solve the problems. My mind came up with another idea.

My very close friend is in United States of America. Since it was day time in there, I called him in messenger. I got lucky. He was at work but still able to answer the call. Then I told him to call a number from there and deliver my birthday wishes.

[ I had to wish that very day. If I explained about the network problem, all I will be doing was making excuses. I even filmed the mobile phone showing disconnection whenever I dialed her number. But that could be faked with change of time and sim card.  ]

The mobile lit up and the vibration was there. The phone was from the delivery boy. All of sudden he started to yell at me. “ You F***er!!! Why didn’t you told me it was she?”

A loud laugh was there from me. “Hey!! Feel lucky. You just got yourself a girls’ number.” He then told me that he delivered the message in English and she just said “hmmmm” as if she was occupied by other thing. A call comes from the America at mid night and starts to speak in English. What will she do? Even I would have understood nothing.

Thought that this will work out tomorrow and it did.All she understood were words like my name, happy birthday, message. Though I didn’t become the first guy to wish her but I will be the guy she will remember for rest of her birthdays.

Thank you Nepal Telecom for providing me such an exquisite opportunity. I really appreciate your doings.